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Livelihood Security


Reaching Out To Impoverished Communities

In Pakistan and Bangladesh, rural regions thrive on livelihood opportunities. With basic sewing skills, women of impoverished households bring in extra income for their children. Likewise, farmers, handicraftsmen, and labourers hope for opportunities to show their skills and earn to feed their families. They rely on these sources of income as they cannot do more in this economy and desperately need our support in empowering them.

Your Aid Goes Hand In Hand

Simple Reason empowers the vulnerable with livelihood security. From our various projects, we provide assistance to women & girls by helping them learn sewing skills among other things to help empower them. With our projects, we enable the youth to showcase their skills and earn for their families. But all of this goes hand in hand with your continuous aid.

Let’s join hands and empower those in need. Your generosity enables us to empower many. So don’t wait, and donate today.

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