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Adequate healthcare for struggling communities

Simple Reason’s health projects aim to provide primary healthcare to the most deprived communities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In areas devoid of any facilities, our projects provide access to medication, health equipment, and ambulances to ensure the delivery of quick and responsive aid.


To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, Simple Reason focuses on providing essential health and hygiene support to the deprived people and needs your assistance to continue supporting them. Your support means the world to the most vulnerable people amid the global pandemic.

We respond to emergency health crises in time

Our mission is to save lives, alleviate suffering and protect life. By working on the ground, our team responds to health crises on short notice, bringing relief where it’s needed most.

Help us save lives and ensure that the vulnerable get access to the medical aid they urgently need.

Donate now to help us save lives

Thousands of people rely on your support to live adequately. By joining us in our mission, you not only help us save lives but make the provision of healthcare accessible for all.

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