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Food Security


Reaching Out To The Neediest

In rural regions of Bangladesh, underprivileged families face acute food insecurity. With rising inflation and food rates, they cannot afford to eat, leaving them vulnerable to hunger & starvation. Even now, due to poverty, most impoverished communities are at the mercy of outside aid.

As for Pakistan, drylands and rural regions have had a detrimental impact on vulnerable families living there, unable to afford the bare minimum. Not only do they lack food, but also livestock, water and sustainability. As a result, they are forced to travel miles in search of their daily food & water.

What Needs To Be Done

Simple Reason aims to facilitate vulnerable families and refugees in these impoverished countries. Starting with delivering food aid to their most fragile areas, we aim to fight hunger and food insecurity. Although, for us to succeed, your support is crucial.

Your assistance enables us to reach out to the most vulnerable, be it impoverished families, widows, or orphans, everyone deserves to eat healthy & nutritious meals, so let’s make it happen.

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