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emergency response



We need your support to reach the affectees immediately

Simple Reason works to respond immediately to natural and humanitarian disasters with medical relief teams, surgical teams, and equipment, as well as supporting organisations already on the ground. Each year, we respond to dozens of emergencies around the world and work with local communities to cater to their urgent needs.

Bangladesh floods: Help us distribute essential aid

Every year, Bangladesh experiences heavy floods that displace thousands of communities in Sylhet. Many people get stranded by floodwater and rely on your urgent aid to survive. In these dire times, your donations can stop delays in our response so that we’re able to deploy the resources needed to save lives.

Help us deliver vital aid to ailing people

Our organisation aims to reduce human suffering caused by conflict, poverty, famine, and disaster and provide urgent aid to the devastated. Through our emergency fund, we deliver urgent aid in the form of medical care, food, shelter, water, and sanitation, all of which are required for survival.

By donating to our fund, you make sure that we respond to emergency situations within 24-72 hours and save vulnerable lives.

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