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Simple Reason - Street Child


Our Street Child Project Aims To Ensure Safety of Vulnerable Children

Simple Reason’s Street Child project is aimed at targetting children from the most struggling communities around the world. We work towards providing adequate resources and necessities at an early age to make sure these children have enough to survive and stay healthy.

What We Do

Child Protection

Children are often exposed to various forms of exploitation and abuse in every setting, be it in homes, schools, or other places. It includes emotional, physical, or sexual exploitation, which exposes them to life-long traumas and affects their mental and physical health.

Simple Reason works to protect children from all sorts of violence and exploitation by providing access to social protection and vital services.


Education is crucial to shaping the future generation of children. By improving access to early years training, we aim to provide adequate learning opportunities to help children overcome poverty.

Food Aid & Nutrition

Food insecurity exposes millions of children to malnourishment and life-long diseases. Simple Reason makes every possible effort to improve food access among vulnerable children to ensure adequate health & nutrition.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Lack of clean water and hygiene facilities makes children vulnerable to many water-borne diseases. By making safe water accessible, we aim to ensure safe health among children.

Psychosocial Support

It’s crucial to protect children who are victims of violence and exploitation and suffer from mental health issues and trauma associated with this. Simple Reason provides psychosocial and mental health support with the help of professionals and helps children return to normal life.

Help Us Protect Children

There are many ways we aim to implement to ensure the safety and protection of children living in vulnerable communities. Show your generosity to help Simple Reason make children feel secure and earn the rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah.

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