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BASB Complex

Bashir Ahmed Sheikh E Bagha Complex



To create a holistic centre addressing the educational, healthcare, and spiritual needs of the community. To provide a dedicated space for communal gatherings, learning, and religious activities. Establishing dedicated areas for religious teachings, fostering a conducive environment for individuals to learn and enhance their understanding of Islam. To empower individuals through skill development and language proficiency. To encourage research and intellectual growth within the Muslim community. To address the specific needs of women by creating private and secure spaces for their active participation.

Project Components:


Conducting regular Dawah activities to engage with non-Muslims. Inviting Muslims to actively practice Islam through seminars, workshops, and personalised guidance sessions. Dawah Studio: Setting up a Dawah studio where local scholars will provide guidance, and Dawah content will be produced and disseminated. Language Courses: Conducting spoken English and Arabic courses to promote language proficiency and facilitate broader communication.

Islamic Educational Courses:

Elderly Quran Learning Course: Tailoring Quran learning programs to suit the needs and learning styles of older individuals, fostering a deep connection with the Holy Quran. and the ability to read, recite, and understand the Quran at their own pace. Basic Islam Learning Course: Providing a comprehensive course covering fundamental aspects of Islam, ensuring accessible and engaging learning for individuals at all stages of their journey. Skill Development Courses: Offering courses to enhance the vocational skills of community members, empowering them for better employment opportunities.

Free Medical Services:

Providing essential healthcare services to the community, ensuring access to medical care for those in need. Organising events to offer circumcision services. Reviving the sunnah of Ibrahim (A.) Family Counselling: In the wake of modernism's negative influence on Muslim society, where families are strained and relationships are breaking, the need for family counselling under Islamic guidance is crucial. Many are turning to non-Muslim sources, risking a loss of faith. Additionally, a consultation service can prevent issues like divorce, domestic violence, suicide, and depression. This service offers comfort and solutions, providing much-needed support, Insha'Allah. Target Audience: Our Dawah Center strives to empower Madrasa teachers and students with skills and leadership qualities, educate orphan children for a brighter future, equip foreign going workers with valuable skills and the role of a Daee-Ilallh, and impart Islamic teachings to the broader educated community. Conclusion: The establishment of the Islamic Research Centre in Sylhet by Simple Reason is not just about constructing a physical space; it's about creating an intellectual and communal hub that fosters spiritual growth and addresses the unique needs of the Muslim community. By contributing to this cause, you play a vital role in ensuring that your fellow brothers and sisters have access to a space where they can gather, learn, and strengthen their connection with Islam.

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